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Online testing courses are indicated by the ADE prefix
(With any ADE course pruchase fee, a textbook is included along with a $8.00 shipping/handling fee.)

RE prefix indicates your desire to complete your course through correspondence. You will receive a textbook and workbook for each course purchased. First complete the quiz and return it to CETC by mail. Then after passing the quiz (with a 70% or more) complete a proctored final exam at an approved testing center. Once the final is completed successfully (with a 70% or more) a certificate of completion will be sent to you by mail.

ADE indicates your desire to complete your course with the online testing feature. A textbook and course instructions will be sent to you. First complete the quiz online and submit the answers. Then after passing the quiz (with a 70% or more) complete online the final exam. Once the final is completed successfully (with a 70% or more) a certificate of completion will be emailed to you during our business hours.

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Name Hours Description Cost
ADE134 - Online Exam (+ $5)

30 hours, related
This course will spotlight every key aspect involved in cultivating top negotiation skills, with step-by-step planning methods that can be overlooked in other courses.
ADE136 - Online Exam (+ $5)
RE 136
Buyer Agency

30 hours, related
Information on being a buyer's agent with seller still paying the commission, buyer agency and the current environment, the buyer as client/principal, deciding if you want to be a buyer's agent, dealing with buyer as the client, the real estate revolution of the 1990's.
ADE137 - Online Exam (+ $5)
Multiply Your Success

30 hours, related
This course is a roadmap for creating a new profit center with a productive assistant who can free your time to do what you do best.
ADE138 - Online Exam (+ $5)
Real Estate Ethics

30 hours, related
Written by two real estate veterans, Real Estate Ethics helps agents chart safe careers. It also addresses the industry’s hot topics.
ADE139 - Online Exam (+ $5)
Real Estate Prospecting

30 hours, related
This course includes extensive resources and marketing ideas, speaks of simplifying your life with the technology of today and much more.
ADE140 - Online Exam (+ $5)
Real Estate Economics

60 hours, related
This course will teach you about economic theories as they apply to real events and cases. You’ll then discover how useful this knowledge can be within your own community and beyond.
ADE 142 - Online Exam (+ $5)
RE 142
Business Planning Guide

30 hours, related
The course will discuss ready-to-use customer surveys that inform you and generate referrals. Creative, low-cost promotional tactics from successful agents nationwide. Two complete business plans.
ADE301 - Online Exam (+ $5)
The Mediation Process
30 hours, related This course covers understanding dispute resolution and mediation, how mediation works, laying the groundwork for effective mediation, conducting productive mediation and reaching a settlement. $155.00
ADE302 - Online Exam (+ $5)
Getting Past No
30 hours, related You will learn how to overcome the obstacles to negotiation, how you can find common ground when your opponent, an unreasonable client, refuses to give an inch and how to disarm tough bargainers, dismantle stone walls, deflect attacks and dodge dirty tricks. $155.00

ADE303 - Online Exam (+ $5)
You Can Negotiate Anything

30 hours, related
This course covers the three crucial variable in negotiating, styles of negotiating, negotiating anything - any place. It also includes case studies which teach you valuable lesons on the art of negotiating.
ADE100 - Online Exam (+ $5)

30 hours, related
A guidebook to getting the best home loan and how to refinance mortgages.
ADE220 - Online Exam (+ $5)
Psychology of Human Relations

30 hours, related
This course examines a broad range of human thought and behavior, covering what causes different behaviors, the pictures in our heads, our basic needs, the powerful forces that drive us, creativity and reorganization, conflict, criticism and taking control of your life.
ADE160 - Online Exam (+ $5)
Mastering the Profession
90 hours,
This course begins at the foundation and ends at the ridge row. This course will be a study of roofing, plumbing, electricity, foundations and much more. A must for Home Inspectors. Contains 20 hours electrical, 20 hours structural, and 15 hours mechanical.
ADE163 - Online Exam (+ $5)
30 hours, related ??? ???
ADE0030 - Online Exam (+ $5)
45 hours, related This course will take the student through the entire residential home construction process, from building material and mechanical systems to interior design and architecture to environmental consideration - and much more
45 hours in structural
ADE210 - Online Exam (+ $5)
Practical English

60 hours, related
Easy understanding of English, the writing process, grammatical choices, conventional choices, stylistic choices, effective words, punctuation, mechanics, research and sources, academic writing, working with text, etc.
ADE216 - Online Exam (+ $5)
American History I: 1492 to 1877

60 hours, related
Covers the main themes in American history from the English settlement at Jamestown to the Civil War: the new world in 1775, the new nation, expansion and disunion, War and reunion.
ADE217 - Online Exam (+ $5)
American History II: From 1865

60 hours, related
Covers the main themes in American history from 1865: reconstructing the nation, progress and its discontents, prosperity, depression, War from 1920 to 1945 and American since then.

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